March 24th, 2005

tea time


Easter Party on Saturday at our apartment 6pm.
We will be coloring eggs and acting silly. It will be fun times! BYOB
Call to RSVP

on another note.. the show was great. i had fun. hurt my leg when tristia made me fall out of the dressing room. Thank you to all who came and to the performers. you kicked ass. Maybe next time we will have more butts in the seats.
gotta do 2 panels here in like 20 minutes and then to the dr again and then going to Lansing for DKR practice with tristia.
my boss is being dumb and told me that she can no longer accomodate me. because i asked for 2 thursdays off in a row. freak
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tea time

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there is nothing like talking to a homophobic basketball team about LGBT concerns. omg, this is one i wont forget.. comment on evaluations...
if you are goin to use those fake penis's why not have sex with a man?

grr but learned a lot and so did they