March 29th, 2005

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not much time to update, but i am sure i will get back on later before work or something. We got 2 kittens on Saturday.. Gaz and Dim. They are so cute. Dim hasn't learned to keep his poop in the litterbox though. He wants it all over the damn apartment. I HATE THAT!
So, my fill in boss is a bitch. She told everyone that I was lazy and so i think that she is the one who convinced lisa not to promote me. now, our DM took the fill in boss away. She isn't to work in our district anymore. We arent sure what happened but someone complained about her and so yesterday we found out she wont be with us anymore. We are getting someone else from our district to run our store til lisa gets back of medical leave. her eye rejected the transplant and so she is on leave again. ugh. hopefully this new person won't be as dumb as the last broad.
Been enjoying the sunshine. I want to go to the park one day soon. Tristia literally has only 4 days off in the month of april. Wednesdays. that is so dumb, I really hope that they hire someone so that she gets some time off. she works EVERY weekend day. She is scheduled to work on the Speakers Bureau day and on the day of the Banquet for MCC. ugh. i hate briarwood sometimes.
Oh!read next saturdays flint journal.. i will be in there, with a pic of course. I am the STUDENT SPOTLIGHT! haha. i think the journalist didnt know what to think of me. amusing.


Lansing, MI – On March 31st, starting at 10:00 PM, a progressive and politically-focused drag show will take place at the Temple Club. The show is called “Kiss My Gender” and is organized by Drag King Rebellion (DKR), a local drag troupe that combines pop and dance routines with a radical political message. Although “Kiss My Gender” is organized by DKR, the show features 15 other performers from Lansing, East Lansing, Detroit, Flint, and even New York. All proceeds from the show will be given to “Via Campesina,” an international solidarity movement focused on assisting communities of fisher folk and peasants in their own Tsunami relief and reconstruction efforts, as well as other progressive organizations.

When: Thursday, March 31st, 10:00PM – 2AM

Where: The Temple Club, 500 E Grand River Ave, Lansing, 48906

Why: To raise money for Via Campesina, challenge gender stereotypes and raise other important social justice issues, and have fun while doing it

What: A progressively political showcase of talent and activism, all wrapped up into one amazingly fun night!

DRAG KING REBELLION is a drag troupe based in East Lansing, MI. They decided to organize “Kiss My Gender” as a way to link the drag community to other local communities, as well as to show case Michigan talent and contribute to a grassroots community-empowerment organization. In addition to DKR, other performers, such as Jonah Thomas, Alayna Angel Kennedi, Azziza Infiniti, Tom Follary, and Asher Stone will be there.

“’Kiss My Gender’ was born out of the idea that drag shows can not only be a form of entertainment, but also a vehicle for social change. By using art, such as song, dance, and performance to comment on various issues, we are hoping to present people with a fresh way of looking at things,” said TJ Jourian, organizer of Kiss My Gender and member of Drag King Rebellion.
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tea time

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i left work early because we were so slow. yippee. on monday we get our new boss. she is from davison, so maybe she wont be too uppity. today was alright. just class and work. feeling blah. got some donations for speakers bureau training. that was nice. now i am gonna go make tristia some dinner so that she will love me when she gets home. lol.
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