March 31st, 2005

tea time

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so tris skipped class and we ran errands. didnt get too much accomplished. bought more scrapbook stuff, got the donation of pop, went and got a litter mat, and wasted the evening. we got home and i went to bed.
today we have a lot to do. i think so at least. we have class and lab today. i hate that. then we are going to the scrapbook store that's never open when i want it to be. she still has some more practicing to do for her show tonight. Then we go to Temple Club for the Drag Show. woohoo! Kyle is coming with Moose, Morgian, and Melissa. He knows a lot of M people, doesn't he? So that should be fun. I was wondering if anyone that I know was going to be there. I don't think that many folks from Flint are going. that is sad. Sara was supposed to go with us but she got scheduled to work and so she can't. Sad times. Maybe people are going and I just dont know that they are. I dunno. So, if you are interested and haven't decided to go, now is the opportunity to decide. It will be a lot of fun and I will be there. So that makes it totally worth while.
Not stressing the baby thing as much today. I want to start trying this year. I know what i want to do but i have to put it into action.. thats the hard part. i know that so many people think that i am crazy and dont know what i am doing. you think that i am young and that i should wait until i am stable. if people always wait until they are stable they will put this off forever. i dont want to get so engrossed in my career that i forgo having a family. i can/will do both (work and family) but i dont want to put money ahead of my dreams. eh. we will see how this works out.
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