April 1st, 2005

tea time

ringing ears

Kiss My Gender was awesome. I am so exhausted. My ears hurt like hell. They don't like loud sound and now everything has a background noise. UGH! i hate that. So, the show totally kicked ass. There wasn't a single performance that i didn't enjoy. There were some that made me wanna cry, like when Asher did Iris. That was sad. and I really like the one about assault/rape. That was really good. There were so many people there it was like OMG! It was a wonderful experience and I know that Tristia enjoyed it as well. We left the Temple Club at 1:13 on the car clock and didn't get home until 2:45. That was rediculous. We got lost because all the freakin roads either are one way or curve off without notice. So, these lesbo's from the club were like are you lost and so they told us to 'go right down this road and you will see 127'. Ok, liars! We ended up by a Metal Fab plant way out of nowhere. So called Kyle to get us on the right track. We were doing fabulous and then what.. COP! Tristia of course slams on her breaks even though she wasn't speeding by that much. The slowing down quickly always triggers the cops to stop you, i swear. We know we are gonna get pulled over. She stops before he even turns his lights on, that was funny. Of course her ID looks nothing like her. Her pic is from 3 years ago when she had long ass blonde hair and here she sits with facial hair drawn on and a hat. He asks all the where were you and why were you there what are you doing... ok let me check this out. You get a ticket for going 60/55 he says and on the ticket it reads the radar clocked her at 70/55. yay more bills. whatever. i just wanted to get home. So there are like no Taco Bell's open anywhere. Not even the ones on Exit 105 where the porn store is. I had to get all the way to Dort highway before i could get something to eat b/c from Lansing to Flint there was nothing open and I was STARVING. I had one drink at the bar and it was so strong i thought i was gonna gag each time i swallowed. that's what sucks about mixed drinks. When you go somewhere new they always make it different and stronger, i swear. anywho.. we got home safe and sound.. went to sleep. I really would have missed class today to catch up on sleep but i can't or i get marked down. I have already had 2 absenses. i got 4 hours of sleep and i have to work til 11 tonight. Tom is competing at the Triangle tonight and i can't go because of sleep deprivation. I will have to go home and pass out just so i can be up on time to go to Detroit tomorrow for SBT. blah. I work sunday and monday morning too. so i am really gonna be drained, a lot of early mornings and early bed times ahead. I dropped 2 of my classes yesterday. I just can't take any of the stress right now. I want a new job that maybe won't try to kill me with all these hours. I should take out a loan to pay my bills and go to school full time. not a bad plan.
ok, i'm off for real. gonna go pretend like i did my homework and that i know what i am talking about.
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tea time

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there is this fuckin CHILD sitting beside me and every other word that he says is nigga. and i want to hit him. his mother keeps calling him to go into the other room but he wont and he just keeps on cussing. i think that it is really weird that little kids are talking like that. i am pissed about it. omg. blah. student gov't was postponed for an hour. that blows. i have to read the rest of these evaluations from the last panels. and i got pissed off about one of them and so i havent looked at the rest but i hope that they are all ok
megs called me so i gonna go