April 8th, 2005

tea time

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* Concerns surrounding the home might be on your mind throughout the day, even if you're at work. You might feel that you're too distracted to work, dear Capricorn, but don't worry. Your natural will shine through in spite of your preoccupation. Frequent phone calls to family members or others who might still be at home would be a good idea. The planets all indicate that all will be well, so try not to get worked up. You're not the type anyway!
* Your ambition and your need for stability are working at cross purposes.
Speaking of feisty, everyone's going to be feeling that way for a while but that doesn't mean it can't be fun. There's stuff that great, big, radical changes are made of en route. Exciting, huh?
* Will the fun continue? The answer, of course, is up to you: If you let that old 'I'm too busy for love and happiness' bugbear back in the back door of your psyche, you could spoil the whole thing. Your family members have a big surprise in store for you -- a very big surprise. Does that mean you should worry about what's coming or head for the hills? Certainly not.

Ok, so there is all sorts of excitement coming my way I presume. Tristia and I have come to terms with my good news. After I explained myself to her and why I wanted this and why it was important to me she jumped on the bandwagon. She is (maybe pretending) to be excited. We have talked about a lot of stuff in the last 24 hours and I feel a lot better than early yesterday when I didn't know what was going to happen. We went shopping today for information and got lots. I also went and had some blood drawn because my Dr wanted me to get some tests done. It has been a great morning to wake up. I feel good and I feel happy and I am so freaking excited about my future. Things are really going to work out for us. Life is sweet again.
I dreamed last night that I went to a party at this guys house that I barely know.. mostly through LJ. It was weird. I went to Caiden's with Megan and there was this big party and it was snowing. Everyone parked stupid and so no one could get out. We were all stuck there basically. There was a saloon type of place nearby and we hung out there for a little bit and then we asked if we could stay the night. By this time we were all way drunk and he was talking to us.. Which is strange because he seemed so shy in the first place. So like 7 people slept in this teeny tiny bed. Talk about not comfortable.
Ok, so I'm going to board meeting. adios.
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