April 14th, 2005


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So, to me friends are people that you can talk to about mostly anything. A friend is someone who you can trust and know that when you say something they get it or at least try to. Friends are very important to me. Without my friends I am not sure where I would be right now. I need people that I can trust and that I can be silly with. I need people that I can sit and have conversation with and know that they aren't going to fuck me over. I love that I have so many good people in my life. There are a few that I am weeding out here and now. I am tired of my friends getting mad at me because of you and I am tired of you telling me lies. I am sick of thinking that you are my friend. I should have known better than to trust you because you completely fuck everything up. Nothing will come between me and the people that I truly care about and that includes you. I hope that you can find happiness in your life without causing so much fucking drama. you do not exist to me.
Anyway, life has been alright. My friend Kelly wrote me a letter and I got it Saturday. It was so amazing. She was my first friend ever, since we were 3 years old. I haven't seen her since graduation. We went in different directions with different interests and just lost touch I guess. But I think we are on the fast track back to a wonderful friendship. I really miss her. You probably haven't heard me talk about her because I sort of let her go a while back because we weren't talking. you know how time makes it hard to get back in touch with one another. but I am excited to have her back in my life. She was the closest person to me for so long, the only person who knew all the shit. It makes me smile.
My big adventure isn't progressing as I had hoped but I am okay. We are still in preparing stages and setting up shop ya know. Doing lots of things. Registered for spring classes. ugh. thats gonna suck. I am just glad to be starting something new in my life. Our one year anniversary is the 22nd and I am really excited. I wanted to do something really special but its not gonna work out right now because of money situation. We will have to celebrate it big in May sometime I think. We are also buying a computer. This has become a necessity because the one that we currently have is a POS! and we cant do anything with it. blah.
i gots to go to work shortly so I'm out.
good movie to see: 5 people you will meet in heaven
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