April 19th, 2005

tea time


UPS has been attempting to deliver the new computer but I think we are going to end up having to pick it up.BLA BLA. We had a fabulous time this weekend. Went to Patrick and Mindy's and laughed a lot and cried a little. I have been crying all the time lately, I dunno why. Saturday I was off of work so I went to the Banquet. I was supposed to get this award and I didn't. Everyone thought I was getting it and then they said someone else. I was really upset. The girl who got it even looked at me and said that it was my award. She and I discussed it today and how dumb it was that they would give it to her when she had only been a member of the board for 3 weeks and I have been all year. I have done a hell of a lot, too. Whatever. cry cry. So after that fiasco.. I went home. I recieve an invitation to Tara's bridal shower. Of course I cant make it because its saturday and its in Alabama. Then I just started balling my eyes out. Whenever I think of traditional marriage it upsets me. T didnt understand that and thus didnt comfort me until much after my breakdown. I pulled myself together to go to Gender and Java. We met some cool folks and discussed some stuff. Then we went home and I was a pouty puss the rest of the day. Sunday I worked and then had the TGMI board meeting. I was so exhausted but I made it through. We discussed lots of stuff and came up with good fundraising ideas. I need to get busy. CJ, Carrie, Partrick, Mindy, Tristia, and I went out to dinner at Bennigans. I proceeded to cry for the first 10 minutes there as well. My car was being dumb and I was upset about Tara's wedding. I just found out that the date of her wedding is June 25th. That is also Gay Pride (which I wont miss) and T and I are going to exchange vows there this year. So yea. That sucks. My best friend from high school doesnt even invite any of her high school friends to be in the wedding. I had thought maybe it was just me, but its not. So, that sort of hurts my feelings too. Oh well. Not like I can make it now anyway. so uh. I am gonna go now so i can make t some lunch before she goes back to work.
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