April 25th, 2005

tea time


Just got home from work. It was alright. Sort of boring. I had to take my manager home b/c her truck is broke down. Sad times. I had like 10 messages when I got out of work. thanks for making me feel so important. Somehow the GSA got signed up to do sales today at school even though no one knew about it. So the school was calling me to see why no one was there. The advisor was calling me to see why no one was there. No one was there because we signed up for WEDNESDAY not today. but apparently we are down for both. whatever. i dont want to deal with them. Then there was Tara thanking me for the wedding gift. Precious needed to talk about our phone bill. Megan missing me. Everyone just wanted to talk, I guess. Tristia even left me a message just for the sake of being cuteness.
Anyhow.. we are about to go shopping for some other little house items. fun times
tonight we are going to her grandparents house to do family scrapbooking. I am sort of nervous as I always am with these sorts of things. I am intimidated by the lets not talk about anything relationship in that family. But I will fit in, damnit. I will make them all love me. I need to get some scrapbooking done anyways. I will take my book with me in case I get bored. I started reading VC Andrews again. I dont really know why.. something drew me back to the series.
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