May 2nd, 2005

tea time

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the final decision is here. I am getting a 2nd job.. yea, the wonderful world of working your ass off. we are moving back into Sunset Village. Yeppers, where every queer lives. We went to view some apartments there today as well as some modular homes. well, we decided that its cheaper and we can also get a 1 bedroom and be able to afford everything we want. it will be like $100 cheaper than our current situation. It's closer to everyone/everything in the world... except her parents. We can have the cats and the rats there with little to NO cost. so yea. we are some sneaky bitches.
now we have to pay Charter Oaks $475 to get out of our lease here.. PLUS put the money into Sunset.. you know the first month rent plus deposit crap. we will be poor for a lil while but we will be back on our feet and kickin in no time. we are about to take me for my interview at the YWCA for a job I have no clue about. This should be interesting. Then to drop the kitties off at the vet so that they can get all the shots, etc that they need to be able to go live with CJ and Carrie until we get moved. We have great friends. Thanks so much for helping us out.
Gotta get ready to impress.
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