May 3rd, 2005

tea time

sad times

The interview was longer than I had anticipated. They had a lot of questions to ask me and I really had to think about some of them. that is so un-me. I usually just rattle something off. I think I came across confident and I am sure that my customer service skills showed. Ah, the wonderful world of dealing with people. I am looking forward to the new experience (if I am hired). It's and the Bean Counter in the YWCA. The main responsibilities are making coffee and sandwiches and serving folks. General stuff, I can do this. And the extra money is nice. I will be making almost as much as I make now, so thats cool. 2 jobs that make decent money. YAY! now maybe I will bring in as much as T does. lol. yea right. she has the better job by far.
We dropped the kittens off with CJ and Carrie. I really didn't want to leave them. I was really tired so we had to go sooner than I had wanted. but we got in some fun play time. Carrie teased Gaz with the laser light, he loved it. Dim is just too lazy to do anything fun. It was weird to get up this morning without them at the door waiting for us. No meows or scratching or anything. I will have to get used to this routine of not having to feed them in the morning. thats odd. I trust CJ and Carrie to be good babysitters for the next month. Gaz is really scared of their dog, Crunchy. It was funny to watch his tail and all of his fun stand on end. He hasn't ever had to do that before.
The Spring Term starts tomorrow. I am taking intro to sociology as well as human sexuality. these should be 2 interesting classes, i hope. I hate that I have to feel my schedule with dumb filler classes because my requirements are done. but at least i can learn something in these classes. and the sociology will help me with my public relations major. i need to take sociology and psychology classes.
tristia works all day so i am stuck here being sort of bored. i guess i can finish cleaning up from what she started on sunday. she began to clean the house and then somehow got sidetracked. I really should think about repacking some of this shit, too, huh? fabulous. moving.. again.
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tea time

CJ? lets be friends

More than anything, you want to tell someone close to you just how much you care. It's okay. You're having an emotional day. It happens to the best of us. Fortunately, it also brings out the best in us.
That emotional mood you were in yesterday hasn't gone anywhere just yet. You want to sit down with the person you love best and tell them all about it. So what's the problem? They'll be delighted, and you know it. If you're afraid of getting hurt, try to figure out where that's coming from. Chances are it's something from the past -- not the present -- that's convinced you that revealing your feelings makes you emotionally vulnerable
tea time

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We really accomplished some things today. We bought her books, which we now have to sell one of them back b/c she didnt realize that she was taking a class in Then we tried to find her something else but the site is so overworked right now that you can't do anything on it basically. We talked to Charter Oaks. We turned in our application and things to Sunset Village and we should know in 2 days tops what the verdict is. I think that we will get approved and hopefully be able to move ASAP. I also find out about the new job tomorrow. yay's for that. We went over to Matt's house while we were at Sunset. It was so nice to chill out. We sat and chit chatted about all sorts of good stuff. It made me happy. I miss old friends. Alright, we were going to sleep.. we put in a movie to help us.. but now i cant sleep. So i got up to play until I am absolutely exhausted.I have a long day tomorrow. I work 6-2 and then i have class from 3-9 so yea, long long day. BLAH!
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