May 12th, 2005

tea time

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I have all day to do whatever I want. All I really want to do is sleep though but my body said I had had enough for now, so I should do something else. Maybe I will read more of my sexuality book or actually make my study notes for the class, I dunno. I should probably clean something though, starte gettin ready for the inevitable move. We have boxes just haven't started putting things into them yet. HEH. that will really help. Speaking of help, our families have agreed to help us financially so I think that we are set on the amount that we will be needing to move. We paid some of our deposit yesterday! We are moving into the apartment directly above Matt. THATS FUN TIMES! We will get to see him all the times, the days will never be lonely. I got thrown into a lot of student gov't work that i didnt want to do so i talked someone else into it. I dont want to deal with it. I had no notice to finish all this paperwork and put together a presentation adn now i am like fuck it. Our advisor totally fucked me over on it about what to do when technically the advisors are supposed to do the paperwork and talk to the travelagent. So there. Someone better do something because I have enough going on without all that mess. I left the lights on in T's car last night (lol) so of course at 5am her car was dead. I had to get up and go help her jumpstart her car off of mine. it was FREEZING outside. Lesson learned, no lights on. I feel so blah blah. We get to move in 2 weeks. YAYAYAY
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tea time


P just called me and told me that there is an opening working the front desk! So, that would be really awesome. I am going to find out a little more about it so that I can possibly take that over. It will be full time hours, so thats WAY better than what I am currently doing, ya know. It would be fun, I would get to see everyone everyday. I gave the impression that I am really shy, though. I just have to get back into myself and they will love me. How awesome and exciting. I guess tomorrow after I get more information about the job I will be able to decide if I want to train to do that. YIPPEE.
off to speedway for now.