May 13th, 2005

tea time

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home from work. S got fired for 'time shaving' LOL whatever the fuck that is. So, thats sort of scrappy. Thought alot about the situation at the YWCA. I guess I will have to see what it has to offer me. I might go up and talk to P tomorrow inbetween the CLEF meeting and my retreat. (ugh, i hate long meetings) but we have to do this in order to get things together for next year.
Gary wants to stay the night tomorrow but I dont know because its T and me's only day off together this week. I mean we both work til 1:30 on Sat but this is the day totally off. I have to talk to her and see what she thinks so I can call him tomorrow. He has asked me for a few days but I keep forgetting to ask her. lol. and we know i gots to get permission to have my brudda over.
we are all set up to do the panel at MCC. I am really glad that we have a diverse group who will be participating. I think that students learn so much more when there are different views and different types of people.
I can't wait to have our new apartment and our cats back in it. I miss them sittin in my lap whenever I'm on the computer and I miss them trying to eat off my plate. I miss Dim miraculously getting into the sink out of nowhere. Hrrm. I can't wait to have my family back together. The rats are being psycho again. I dont know why they go through phases of loving and then hating us. Maybe we are bad parents. heh. to nightnight. its already way past bedtimes.
Something cute: T wrote 'I love you' on the bathroom mirror in what looks like lipstick. She also sent me an ecard that has 2 chiks walking past folks and the ppl are freaking out. at the end of the ecard it says 'there is no one else i'd rather freak people out with than you' AWWWWW
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tea time


gots to go to bed so that i can get up tomorrow to jump into another day at the Y. yays for me. I saw the craziest thing today. T and I stopped at 7-11 for a slurpee and we saw these people sitting in a Vibe. It looked like the lady was crying and he was holding her. So, we were like maybe they are saying goodbye or something. T goes into the store to get our slurpees and OMG, they are totally going at it. I mean, he was pulling her hair so he could pull her head back, totally sucking on her neck and chest area. It was hardcore make out session. At 4pm in the afternoon and there were lots of folks there. I called T and told her to tell the cashier what was going on because it was so public. The cashier came out and got them to leave the parking lot.. of course.. this was after the chic's head was in his lap doing who knows what. I am all for makingout in public but when its the daytime and there are kids around, I think that it is really sick. Wait til nighttime or something. At least go somewhere that isn't busy. Geez. it was funny in the crazy way.
I actually started packing today. finally. After spending a million hours at MCC for the Government Retreat. Blah. I want to share that I freaking hate being used as an example of an 'alternative lifestyle'. AHHH what the fuck is so alternative about it? I do the same things everyone else does. I was also informed today by someone I respect that most of the opposition to my 'lifestyle' is the sex/living together part. For some reason it doesnt bother me that she thinks this but it was just halarious. She was explaining (she has a homo son) that its not the being gay that is the problem its the lifestyle. Be gay all day long but be celibate your whole life. Never love anyone or be a practicing gay. I was amused. INSANE! today was just one of those days. I had all afternoon with T though. We bought groceries and were lazy around da house. It was good times for us. lots of laughs.
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