May 14th, 2005

tea time


Bean Counter was fun today. I dont know for sure what is going on with the front desk thing. The supervisors of each department cant decide if they want me to or not. So, I will not worry about that right now. I learned a lot today and became a little more confident in my work there. I can do everything I spilled hazelnut coffee all over my shirt towards the end of my shift. That made me smell really hot. hehe. This one guy that works at the YW was hitting on me. Asked me if I wanted to do something later. HAHA! I laughed at him and told him I had yet to decide what I wanted to do after work today. There was a healthfair and so I got some fun things. I like fun things and informational shizzit. ITS GREAT! I came home and cuddled and passed out for a few hours. I was exhausted for some reason...
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