May 15th, 2005

tea time

another day another dollar

Up again, early. OMG, its so crazy. I have been doing 2nd shift for so long, I forgot how to wake up. It's just about killing me to get up in the mornings. I must get better at this. I work mornings 5 days of this week. (sat-wed) This is only day 2. lol. I just feel so drained. No matter what time i decide I want to go to bed, it doesnt work out for me. I end up staying up until around 11 just because I am used to it. If I try to go to bed early my body won't fall asleep. That's the worst of it. I have to take T to work in the mornings since we are still using one car. That's even worse b/c she starts the day at 5 am. omg, its like i dont know how i manage to drive myself home from dropping her off. I am in some sleep induced daze. I will make it. I just have to get into the swing of it. At least I only work 8 hours today, usually Sunday's are like 9 hours or more and that sucks. I have to go to YW afterward b/c I am gonna help do some prep stuff for tomorrow. Every minute counts, trust me. We get to move in 10 days!! YAY for us. The apartment is a disaster because of packing and throwing shit away. It's totally insane I tell you. There is no point really cleaning because it's out of control. I'm ready to just be out of here already. Gotta do the last minute things before work.
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