May 16th, 2005

tea time

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first transmission chat.. not too shabby. maybe i will be a regular.
life is good again. conversations are generally helpful.. good friends are beneficial too.
funny thing.. in class we were talking about this scenario that a guy comes to the DR office with Klinefelters.. he doesnt know he has it though.. and has these problems with erections and other lil stuff. The correct way to help this guy get help is to start on hormone therapy (testosterone). Ok, so also in this proper way to handle the situation, you are NOT supposed to tell the patient that he has this syndrome. It is unethical to tell him because it is not beneficial to why he came to the office. He wanted to get his sex drive back, not to know why he is femininely formed and all this other stuff. I was like 'would you not tell a patient if he had cancer'? OMG, how can you NOT tell someone that they have a disorder? and how can that be beneficial. apparently it doesnt matter if you know that you have klinefelters because it doesnt really hurt you. whatever. people have a fucking right to know.