June 22nd, 2005

tea time

only a few days

i am excited and i am scared and wow. life is good.
yesterday tristias mom told me that i was the best thing to happen to her. she really approves of this relationship. she is really hurt that tristia and i didnt tell them sooner what our plans were. i wanted tris to tell her but she was scared and she doesnt see this as a big event so she wasnt going to stress it to her parents until our church wedding or whatever. i told my mother months ago. i think its good that her parents want to be a part of this and i part of her life. it makes me happy for her. now if she would just sit down and talk to them instead of this noncommunicating relationship then all would be fine. maybe thats why even i feel weird around them. its the weird way of not talking about things that makes me nervous. ugh
anyhow. i have to work in 4 hours and i havent really gotten any sleep. i should go home. i have some press releases to do but i dont think i have enough information to do it yet and i dont have computer access at home yet. we get it on friday though! thank goddess. then its back to work for me. yea, i am the public relations coordinator for TransGender Michigan now. We had some folks resign. So, more good stuff for me to do. We are looking for board members if you are interested, let me know. we need people!
Our little celebration is on Friday, I hope to see you all there. Saturday is Pride and I am sure that most of you reading this will be there. I'm really excited. I love pride. its amazing.
gotta go.
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