June 24th, 2005

tea time


Today went over so well! I am really excited that so many of my family members and friends were there to support us tonight. It was really good to share that experience with them. I hate that there was a separation in our friends and family. We were on complete separate parts of the house most of the time so I didnt get to interact with my pals. Adam and Jimmy got us these cute rings and it was the best thing ever. he always gives the best gifts. I love him so much. Her parents got us a cross that has a picture frame in it and says Love Forever. It was very special. MY MOM SHOWED UP! She even brought Roshaunda (my sis) and the kids. It was very special to me to have them there. It meant more than anything else. We did the traditional cake cutting and toasting. Tristia said some amazing things about me and that made me feel like a princess. I am so lucky to have her in my life. I know that not everyone is supportive for different reasons. I was hurt that some persons didnt attend because they felt it would be awkward or strange. I welcome all the people I care about to celebrate in my moment of joy. I wish you all could have been there. I look forward to seeing everyone at pride.
I finished the Challenging Racism workshop and it was some of the best hours I have had in my life. Tonight at my afterparty.. some of my friends said some things that I recognized and I confronted them on it. Of course, one guy kept saying 'but you know I'm not racist, you know i'm not'. Ok, so maybe you aren't racist but my saying 'there were, i swear, 20 of those people laughing at me'(speaking of black people) was a racist statement. You cant generalize into 'those people' and that stuff. Another friend was making fun of something we saw on TV depicting Asian people. I told him that was offensive and he said 'i have never offended a person of color'. how do you know that? maybe they just didnt speak up. ah. i see i have more work cut out for me than originally planned.