June 25th, 2005

tea time

going to the chapel..

TODAY WE DID IT! We have our commitment certificate and everything. We were 'committed' today. NOT in the mental hospital way, though, we may need it. This heat exhaustion might send the whole lot of us into an institution.
Today was alright. We ran a little behind b/c i went to see my moms. Then we sat at the TGMI booth and chatted. Were almost late to the 'service'. They were starting ahead of time and so we had to RUSH to get our asses over there for it. Thanks adam for signing us up. Thanks to Carrie and CJ for the awesome cake. It was delicious and beautiful. It was sweet though. 74 couples got hitched today with us. That was awesome. Lauren and Jen, Patrick and Mindy, Shannon and Katie, Rachael and Tina all got married today with us. My friend Tara in AL also got married today. It was a lucky day I think. All was good. We are exhausted. We had an awesome dinner at Max and Erma's. Its a lil restaurant in Lansing. Yea for that. We had a good time with CJ, Carrie, and Cameron. I went and visited my mom afterward and Tris came home to sleep. No consumating tonight. LOL. I am not stressing it. Maybe tomorrow. We are all gettin together to go to the lake. I have invited everyone.. CJ, Melinda and Robin, Jen and Shala, Emily, Sara, and us of course. You never know whom else will show up. it will be goodness. remember ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN!
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