July 4th, 2005

tea time

Happy 4th of July!

So far today i have accomplished laundry. There is still more to do but I dont have the money or time to finish. I have to work in 45 minutes. blah for that. At least its only for 4 hours and its double time. woohoo! We are going to Tristia's parents this afternoon for BBQ and swimming. Then off to Assembly of God church in Fenton. Yes, we are going to a church function. It is offering free limo and pony rides. How fun is that?! and other fun free stuff. i dont know how long we will hang around but its something to do. I am totally on top of all the things I have been trying to accomplish with TGMI. I only have to get to work more on bar nights and gettin ahold of Bambi's. Not too shabby. Tristia has been working diligently on the database thing. I think she is through the O's now which is amazing because there are so many freakin schools. ugh! but we are doing it. One of the kittens decided to chew up my new pillow and i am sad. I guess I will have to sew it up so that its still usable. damn toddlers. lol. see you all later
tea time

ending 4th of July

today was work.. that was okay. it was only a few hours and i survived. then off to Tristia's parents to spend time with the extended family. It was good times except that i am having HORRIBLE cramps. I got to sit with the women while Tris, her bro, their dad, and her cousin played this game bache (bahchee) ball. We chitchatted and they talked shit about the members who had already left and it was good to feel included. Never have we talked like we did today and it was sort of nice. Then we left to go shopping and get some needed supplies for the house. Then back to her parents to shoot off fireworks. Her brother and her cousin set off fireworks and she soon joined in. I sat with her mother and we talked about all sorts of things. SMILES. She's not so bad, really. Now we are home and she is going to sleep and I will be too, soon. Just wanted to do some things online first. Tomorrow we get our 3 billion pictures from WalMart if they are done. I am really excited I know there are some good ones. I also heard CJ has some that I want to see. anywho.. have a great night.
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