July 7th, 2005

tea time

tired days

I worked yesterday and for some reason i was exhausted when I got out. Then Tristia and I grocery shopped and tried to hunt down our pictures. Here is the reason we werent getting them. One day Tristia went to the Corunna Rd walmart to drop them off but she didnt know the date so she just got the envelopes and brought them home for us to drop off later. Two days later we dropped them off at Court St walmart. Of course, you think that they would send the pics to where you drop them off.. NOT! So, after days and days of searching for our pictures I realize the slips we have say Corunna Rd. So, I told her to call that store to see if they went there. We were at the Court St WalMart when I realized it and 2 minutes later the photo tech said the same thing and that Fuji sends the film to the place indicated on the envelopes, not the pickup place. Meanwhile, Tristia is calling Corunna Rd. They say that there are no pictures there under my name. Tristia calls the 1-800 number to see what the fuck is going on b/c there is no way they aren't in yet. These people tell us that the pics were dropped on Friday at Corunna Rd. Tris goes there and guess what?! there the pictures are! The dumbass person on the phone just didnt look well apparently. FUCK! how silly this situation was getting and i was starting to become paranoid.
So, we decided to see Sin City after I made dinner. I wasn't expecting the movie to be so weird. I definitely wouldn't recommend it to anyone who isn't into comicbooks or who loves color movies. The whole things is grey,black, and white except for certain parts where it shows color on specific items/people. The whole thing is narrated. Like, whoever the main character is at that point is telling you what he is thinking the whole way through. So, thats bothersome, and its really a blood and guts sort of film. Even without color. I like things a little more realistic but damn, this was so out of this world. If you like those things, sure, go for it. On the way home we were fussing about everything and nothing. I think because I was so tired i was growling about everything. She just wanted me to shut up. I was frustrated that after I let the dishes sit for 4 days she still didnt wash them. After I told her I did that, she said, I didnt tell her to do them. OMG, if the dishes are in the sink dirty, dont you think you should do them? I didnt realize I had to tell her that. I hate when people dont do things unless they are told. Its her home too, just do it. At work I do that and you see what real liers people can be. If I leave something sitting out somewhere for someone to put away, its there 3 days later and they swear they did put it up or they did do that task. Honesty. what happened to that? anyway, I will probably post more pics in my next post b/c i have some from when Precious won Man of the Month. YAY!
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horoscope!! eek

You'd rather keep your mouth shut and appear a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. That's why you've never been much for emotional chitchat. But you've been spouting off for a while now and you're starting to get used to it. So while the next 24 hours may not be surprising to you, expect that your actions may still shock, amaze and astound a loved one. Prep them before you start to speak. It's only fair.