July 10th, 2005

tea time

OMG, this is me today

Never have I had a horoscope so true as this. I'm a cleaning maniac today. hrmf. T will be home in like 20 minutes and I have LOADS of shit to do.

You're as meticulous as a sign can possibly be -- that's on a routine basis. But now you're inspired, and once you pick up that feather duster, you'll be armed and extremely dangerous to anyone who gets in your way
If you're living with anyone -- anyone at all, whether they're friends, family, spouse or lover -- get them out of the house. You're on a clean-and-purge binge; a mission to sort out, scour and organize everything you own. Needless to say, in this kind of mood, anyone who gets in your way can inadvertently be harshly scolded, bruised or possibly even maimed as you fly by with the vacuum. Be nice. Give them money for the movies, and the earliest time to return home safely. -
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