July 13th, 2005

tea time

having a heart attack

So, we are watching this movie HIDE AND SEEK. It's so freaking creepy I can't watch the end. My heart is beating so fast and I am shaking. I think that I am having a panic attack or something lol. Tristia said that I am not old enough to watch the movie apparently. HEHE. Oh well. today was a good day, i think. I got 5 hours of sleep then had to get up super early to go to Tris mom at 5am so we could leave the cats there while maintenance fixed up our apartment. Then I worked at 6:30am. It was a good day at work. I had some busy times so that was worth it. then I had to leave early to go to the doctor about my hump problem. I have this swelling or a growth or something on my tailbone that wont go down or away. It's a recurring problem so I thought I should go get it checked out. It's really bad this time and hurts to move my back or anything. So, yea. I get some fungus cream and some antibiotics and directions to take 4 Motrin a day whether I think I need it or not. I also have to soak my feet in ice each night or icepack them. He gave me some paperwork on this foot problem of mine. I guess if it gets worse, I would have to get injections in my heels. So, now i know why my feet hurt. The reason being overuse. Directions are to not where shoes whenever i can get away with it. do certain exercises. icebaths. woohoo. eh, after that we went to tris parents to do laundry and go swimming. It was so nice just to be lazy in the water. It felt so good. OMG. woah. then i fell asleep so we came home. had dinner and watched this wicked movie. i guess i should go to bed now. i'm really exhausted.
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