July 14th, 2005

tea time

Things overheard in the office..

Just a few funny things to start the day with. YAY!

Consultant: Wow, this is really small.
Co-worker #1: Whenever I pull it out of the thingy it gets tiny.
Co-worker #2: Does it get bigger when you put it back in?

* * *
Woman #1: Large men have dick dos. You want to know what large women have?
Woman #2: I don't know, what?
Woman #1: Gunts.

* * *
Regional Director: I'm so sorry you had to wait, I was on the phone then my assistant got me off. Did she offer you anything?

* * *
Female Co-worker: Even if I was a woman, I wouldn't put a Chippendales calender on my desk.

* * *
Woman #1: It has been freezing in here today!
Woman #2: You know why they keep the AC turned up so high, don't you?
Woman #1: To keep us alert?
Woman #2: No...for the headlights.
Woman #1: Headlights?

* * *
Co-worker #1: How many kilometres in a mile?
Co-worker #2: 1.6.
Co-worker #1: Woo hoo! I've walked over a mile!
Co-worker #2: So?
Co-worker #1: Well, I'm wearing my daughter's shoes, and now that I've walked a mile in them she'll never be able to tell me I don't understand her again.
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