July 16th, 2005

tea time

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yesterday was really long. i worked at the store in the morning. then home to relax for 20 minutes. then we went to the bank to get things fixed. then to her bank to close account. then to eat. woohoo. i was starving. we went home and decided to go see wonka at Clio. We tried calling, i thought it would be sold out, but they only have the times hotline, not a person answering. so we drove out there, i wasnt going 85mph so my gal wasn't happy with me. we get there, sold out. duh. so we then decided to go to the drive in. it was 8pm, i swear their answering service said it started at 8. we get there and movie isnt starting until 9:30-10ish. So, tristia sleeps and i read the newspaper. by the time the movie starts i'm ready to pass out.. and i do soon after. Right after the girl gets attacked by squirrels i was out until it was over. so, we definitely didnt stay for Madagascar. We went home to sleep through the storm. now i have to work until 6pm.. then its Dee's Bday so we are going over there for a BBQ and good times. it will be good to hang out. tomorrow is board meeting. yippee. i'm so tired.
tea time


holy shit i'm tired. i think i'm off to bed now. i was gonna go to the bar w/the gals for Dee's Bday but i got SUPER tireds instead. That makes me sad times, too. i just cant function. okies, off to bed then up to do laundry and board meeting. such a long little day.