July 17th, 2005

tea time


I really hate when i wake up and dont know what i'm supposed to be doing. its even worse when i get reminded and its like OH SHIT i need to do that, or i was supposed to remember that. ARGG! i hate it. I forgot about something we were to do today and now that just sucks. I can just work it out, I guess. shitzel. so Dim keeps trying to type and i dont think that its very funny. He wont stay off of the keyboard. What a little hefer. I dont know if i mentioned that a rat rescue place is searching for a home for our rats. So, we arent the permanent, forever owners of these little guys. hopefully they will soon have a loving home to play in. I really want to go see the movie Rize. Maybe Tristia and I can see it when I get home tonight, if I'm not exhausted. Sometimes our meeting literally exhaust me. I have to remember to take some munchies. I dont like getting hungry when I'm working lol. Alright. catch you all laters.
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tea time

stumbled upon this and wanted to share


Come a little closer, cause I don’t think I can say this too loud,
The words are slow comin out, ya know ive always been proud.
But something as of late has had me step back and take a hard look
I am askin you not to judge the story by the cover of the book.

Yea ,I am butch baby just like the cover reads but look harder

I am a true romantic, but it takes someone special to bring it out,
I am strong in heart and spirit, but I can be weak without a doubt.
I can be the wall that never comes down, but only if I have support,
I stand firm on my convictions but violence is never a resort.

I am masculine in look and manner, but I have been known to cry,
I can be hard to get to know, but can be uncovered if you really try.
I got the butch job and earn good pay, enough to relax and also to play
I flirt with the women, but when I find the one I am true all the way

I am tough as steel , but a common cold can have me actin as a child
I am laid back and calm, but get me another butch I may be a bit wild.
I don’t need anyone to be dependant on me, But I want to be wanted
I have had one night stands and women who have taunted.

I have been in love a couple times and have lost it too
I walk away head high, but heartbroken and blue.
I give everything I have to give, but bad at askin for what I need,
I am butch , I am strong , I have vulnerabilities, do take heed.

Come a little closer, I don’t want this to come back and haunt,
But could I be, the butch you want?

Written by JButch