July 21st, 2005

tea time

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ok, so here i am trying to get my travel plans under control. If we fly to AL it will cost us $180 a person but we have to leave a day earlier than planned. Or if we leave as planned $232. If we rent a car to take down there it will cost $340 said Enterprise. But then we have to factor in the gas prices so thats WAY more expensive. I guess we will be flying even tho it will cost us 2 arms and a leg. Good thing we have groceries for the month. We wont be needing to spend ANY money. I'm working fulltime at the Y now so that really picks up some of the slack. I was concerned because I was only working a few hours a day and it wasn't adding up. It's about to be better though. I have to make as much as I was when working full at speedway just to stay secure with bills, etc. Tris will be working less these next few weeks b/c she worked so much the last 2 weeks. now she will get a break. LOTS of saving money. Nothing but saving. I can't wait for all the exciting things coming up. I gotta shower and get ready for work now. Will talk to all laterz.. or maybe not. I have to work both jobs tomorrow so I probably wont have any time online until Saturday at the earliest. WOO!
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