July 25th, 2005

tea time

Michigan Adventure

this time yesterday I was most likely having a panic attack. lol. We went to MI adventure and had a blast. The first ride we went on was the new one, Funnel of Fear. So, I was going backwards down a dark tunnel and panicked. By the time we exited into the funnel (which swings you on your raft left then right)i was crying and I couldnt breathe. When we got off the ride I was so shakey and out of control I was bawling. I lived though. The day was long and fun. We all got a little red and our feet are SO sore. Mine are killing me. I fell in the wavepool and skinned my knew up. (i'm a walking accident) I think I liked the waterpark more than the theme park. We got our pictures taken gangster style but it looked shitty. AHH. probably b/c i had wet hair and they wouldnt let me wear what i wanted. oh well. i showed some leg. woot. Then the LONG drive home. we took turns trying not to fall asleep while driving. heh. but we made it and then slept in today. Tristia is really sunburnt where her farmers tan was. :) hehe. I have to work in 45 minutes at the YWCA and my feet are killing me. This is sure to be an interesting shift. I also started reading Harry Potter on our 3 hr drive. It's not as bad as i always thought. I am starting at the beginning. SO, I wont be making fun of you Potter fans anymore. for those of you who arent using myspace.com i think that you should. its fun times. i have 2 friends. yaya. and i found some folks from Grant, i cant believe it. speaking of alabama... tristia is doing a show in huntsvegas while we are there. the organizer emailed back today saying it was cool. how exciting!! alright. off to finish getting beautiful.
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