July 27th, 2005

tea time

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sleepy billi. i dont know if CJ and Carrie are coming over for dinner or what. I just want to know what to start cooking, dammit. lol. today was a good day, i think. I worked and that was alright. Then to the dr he said i was fine and come back if i have any other problems. We cleaned the house, again! yay. its nice except for the bedroom which is always disasterous, i dont know why. heh, probably b/c it is lived in. tomorrow i work both jobs. woohoo. i hope that i get paid tomorrow, too. i was getting direct deposit but i closed the account and tried to get the d.d. turned off but i dont know if its into effect yet. So, I hope that i get money. I still owe someone money from 2 months ago that i said i'd pay in 4 weeks and i totally slacked off b/c i keep getting behind again. i think i'm finally ahead now. so i think i can afford to pay her with this check.. one or the other of them. I hate not being right on time with stuff like that. I have never NOT paid anyone what i owe and this is the first late time. And i also NEVER ask for money. so yea, i really gotta get on the ball.
I think that tris and i are goin to take a bus to Huntsville, AL when we go. I dont know how that's going to work out but i hope well enough. I dont want to be exhausted. The day that we get there is the day Tom is doing the show. so i dont want her to be tireds. alright, i will go now. peaces out.
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