August 4th, 2005

tea time

new york. sucks.

nothing is on time. everything sucks. people are rude and pushy. we apparently dont tip enough. we are overdressed. all the girls are half naked. i feel like a stuffy broad. we had to ride the plane for 4 hours. omg, NY is not that far away. we didnt get to eat until 6pm b/c of our flights and we had enough of a layover to get off one plane and onto the next. we got here and were starving to death. then it took 1.5 hours to get us to the hotel from the airport. damn drivers in new york. its been a mess but we've bonded so much. J and i are gonna be friends, i can tell. she kicks ass like no other. the workshops have actually been helpful especially time management and parliamentary procedure. i'm excited b/c we get to see hairspray tonight. maybe some touring later. i really want to see more things than the hotel. ugh. time for lunch and more workshops. hope all are well. i miss you tristia. xoxo
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