August 5th, 2005

tea time

home NOW

i really want to be at home right now. the past few days have been insane. maybe it wouldnt seem so unruly if i felt more organized or something. this city is just really strange. interesting but strange. we saw Hairspray last night and it was really good. then me and the girls went out together and bought stuff from street vendors. today i slept really late. i couldnt sleep lastnight b/c i didnt feel good and missed tristia. :( so by the time i was up we were ready to go to Chinatown. we took the subway w/o the men and had a good time in ChinaTown. D started feeling ighy so we had to come back before we got to go to Greenwich.. We are doing that tomorrow. YAY!! its on my list of stuff to do. we took this dumb ass tour of the city that sucked so bad. we didnt get to see anything except liquor stores, pedestrians, and Brooklyn. We went thru some different sectors but it was fast and boring. the guide gave us a boring history of everything. he should really consider a way to spice it up since its $40 a person. UGH. but i got some pics of interesting buildings and bodies of water. tomorrow to the Village and then another 5 hours of plane travel. i'm NOT looking forward to that. i'm about to take a sleeping pill so i can get thru the night. i'm not good at sleeping in other places and i've been tired the whole time we've been here. Tris is having all sorts of fun while i'm away. in some scenarios i think i would be really concerned and paranoid.. but i'm actually not. i just miss her and want to be home snuggled with her on our bed. i'm so excited to be back tomorrow.Flint never sounded so damn good to me.
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