August 7th, 2005

tea time

WOOHOO flint

today was so lazy. Our flight was delay which wont surprise anyone who has ever flown airtran. So, we didnt get in til 1am and that was sad. but i didnt have anything to do but unpack today!! Then we went and dropped off my film and had dinner with P and M that was awesome. I always love good times. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow so we have to decide how i can work around that. Eh, something has to work out, right? Tris and I are about to scrapbook. We haven't in a long time and she got some cool stuff from her Aunt for her Bday. I have lots of scrappin to catch up on, no surprise there, right. I'm such a lazy bum. Only one day left of workin at speedway. its all good. hopefully i will soon be concidered fulltime and get the benefits the YWCA has to offer. They wont until we are busier though, and that's okie. holla back now.