August 12th, 2005

tea time

yes, i'm up at 6am

I have to be to the YWCA here shortly. grr. i'm really tired and just dont feel much like work today. It's my last day at the gas station though. so, thats awesome. Sara starts at the YWCA on Monday. There is just all sorts of new things going on. I'm glad that mom will be here. She decided to fly instead of drive. This is her first flight. I'm scared for her. lol.
you should see Gaz he keeps laying on the mouse pad, then the keyboard, then on the desk. He can't seem to get comfortable or close enough to me. I guess he likes me.. hehe. alright. i'm out. Have a good day.
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tea time


Last day at Speedway FINISHED. I'm officially done with that whole situation. YAY for me.Every little thing is pissing me off today. I can't explain why. I just want to hit everything/everyone. Nothing I want to happen is happening. Maybe I should set lower expectations. Fuck if I know! I got to see my mom for like 5 minutes today. Hopefully we will have more time tomorrow. That would be nice. I just want to stop gettin snide remarks and sarcasm. damn.