August 19th, 2005

tea time

not much to say

I got off work a lil early so i came home to relax before student gov't meeting. ugh. i dont want to go but its FREE LUNCH and seeming how I RARELY eat on this new diet.. i should give food a chance. lol. I got a letter from a creditor saying that I owe them $67th dollars? lol, is that 67ths of a dollar? I am amused. I have to call them, thanks for reminding myself. Tomorrow is Pride in the Park at Bandemer Park in Ann Arbor 12-6, I hope that you all can make it. I will be there and its free food/drinks/fun stuff. I hope this rainy stuff stops though, that will make it a little less fun. Holla back
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tea time

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so there i was sendin out text messages to an event tonight.. and i put TOMORROW on the message. i was just informed of the wrong day. dammit. so now i sent another message to the people but its too late now. fuck. so hopefully everyone wont think its tomorrow. grr. gotta make a dish to pass at PIP. hope to see you all there. dammit.