August 23rd, 2005

tea time


So, I accomplished many things at work today. I learned some new recipes and I surveyed prices so maybe we can get stuff CHEAPER. Tris is going to come on board as our catering cook. WOOOHOOO! I got my insurance papers today. so all that jazz will be changing I guess.
I broke my phone yesterday. I seriously killed it. I slammed it in the door b/c it was in my jacket and my jacket was trying to escape the vehicle with me.I bought a phone from Caid today and its the exact same one that I had. interesting. i had sprint change my phone #s over b/c i didnt have anyone's # and i was really sad all damn day. CRY CRY. I have almost completely got my brother into college again. that's wonderful. he wants to be a nurse. ok, tristia's turn to play. i have finally caught up on everything. YIPPEE. more pictures soon.
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