August 30th, 2005

tea time

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List 10 things in a day that give you a moment of joy, and tag five of your friends...

1. Tristia smiling at me
2. knowing that I'm being paid for the shit i do
3. the cats getting in the sink
4. Making dinner
5. good conversation with friends
6. shower time
7. laying in bed trying to wake up
8. activist work
9. hearing I love you

TAG: Kyle, Roxanne, Tristia, Megan, Carrie
tea time

community loss

I found out today that a great activist in Flint has passed on. After years and years of puttin on community events and doing all sorts of activist work, he is no longer with us. His fight with HIV/AIDS is over now. He had just returned from a trip to California where he said he had the time of his life.. 3 days later. He is no more. It's so strange. I can't think of AIDS WALK without him and all that he does to raise awareness. It's not like we were friends, merely aquaintances, but still its strange. People who worked with him say he was their motivation and one person in particular said she doesnt know if she can continue on without him. That is loyalty, love, admiration. Being the person that pulls it all together is a big feat and R did it all the time.
a moment of silence.. for a great man..
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