September 2nd, 2005

tea time

sleepy night

i was having a hard time sleeping last night. i dreamed about people without eye sockets and it was so strange. it was scary and woke me up. oh well. i am planning the next YWCA meeting right now. I am excited to get things started. i dont like waiting for the excitement. i will make the excitement. i am gonna spend the afternoon having a great time with my wife hopefully. I really look forward to time with her uninterrupted.
tea time

the hurricane

So.. all of these horrible things are happening in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama and what the hell is the world doing about it? Of course, going on vacation to our ranches. WHAT ELSE DO YOU DO WHEN HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE ARE DYING!!!!! Can you tell that I am really pissed about this? I have purposely  not watched the news about it or looked at any pictures that weren't stuck out for me to see. I don't like seeing horrific things at all. I also don't get upset about things to the crying point. Last night Tristia taped Primetime and we watched it today. It was about Katrina (the hurricane) of course. It was horrible. People have health problems and aren't getting any help. People are dying and no one cares. But dammit, there are reporters getting back and forth everywhere. People have been waiting 3 days for buses to come take them out of the state, but nothing. While doing an interview, a woman went into diabetic shock. WTF. and no one can do anything. The president (the best man for the job GW Bush) said that there will be ZERO TOLERANCE for anyone caught stealing ANYTHING.

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