September 3rd, 2005

tea time

good day

Today was great. I slept 3 hours later than I get to on week days. YAYYY!!!!! Then I did laundry and waited for Tris to get home. We decided to go see a movie, I got to pick. We saw Brothers Grimm. IT KICKED ASS. I was so excited about it. Then, we picked Gary up so he could stay the night with us. We came home and I made us dinner and we scrapbooked. Gary and I are working on a book for our mom for her Bday in December. He did a page and I did one. We went through 20 years of pics to find things that she would want. It's good to spend quality time together with my lil brother. Usually we are together fora reason other than just bonding. So, this was really nice. I really don't know what to do with my weekends off. I am so used to working all the time that its like OH WOOW what do i do now.. I catch up on hobbies apparently. It made the day good. I guess its off to bed now, tris is already sleeping. She gotta work tomorrow, of course.