September 9th, 2005

tea time


Kim (tris mom) called and told us gramma died. It's final now. The next coming days will be horrendous.
tea time

today = long

Went to work until noon. then home to wait for tris to get here. then we went to Mt.Morris b/c she was supposed to help pick out flowers for the funeral but her parents left when we were almost there. So, we turned around and headed back in our general direction. We did some grocery shopping at walmart, sams, and aldi. i think i got most of what i need. i will have to go out again for other things. her mom was supposed to call us to tell us what was going on tonight but i think she is probably caught up in doing funeral planning and being heartbroken. Tris is laying in bed, really tired, and she has a sty. ugh. i cleaned up the kitchen and did some vaccumming. which we have to vaccum using the hose b/c for some reason the damn regular part won't suck anything up. I just want everything to be nice. Patrick came over today and I was really embarrassed b/c the floor was dirty and scrapbook stuff was everywhere. grrs. oh well. i plan on doing cleaning while tris works. her boss is going out of state this weekend so there is NO ONE to cover for her. The funeral will be on Monday so she gets to have that day off at least. Geez, her work needs to get shit straightened out. A person can't even get days off when a family member dies. oh well. I will make everything nice and she won't have to worry about anything. :) then i feel productive. I wrote my teachers and told them I won't be in class on Monday because of the funeral. It really sucks b/c its the first few days and you know how important it is to go to school in the first week.. especially in a foreign language class. I hope i don't get too behind just because of one day. oh well. its worth it. Alright, off to Kessels and stuff.
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