September 13th, 2005

tea time

day one DONE

OK, got up on time and got to work 2 minutes late. Still a good day though.. sort of. Things weren't stocked and I had to run the cafe today instead of cooking which is what I am usually doing. So, I made a list of cafe things to do to keep the girls busy. We keep getting complaints about things looking dirty and bad customer service. We aim to remedy that. I think they are gonna think I am a bitch. Sara called me a dictator today. lol. I don't think I am that bad. There is a lot of free time that they aren't utilizing to clean, organize, or stock. This makes more work for everyone else. If we work as a team it will definitely go over a lot easier. So, I made daily lists and a list for M to do tonight so that she isn't bored. Sometimes she decides to just read instead of the assigned tasks.. or even the obvious ones. ex: no coffee cups. HELLO. get some. So yea. Besides that, P was in a bad mood because of home stuff and that sucked. I was there for 10 hours and i swear it felt like a million. Tristia picked me up and we went to make up the bowling that we missed Sunday night. I got 3 strikes in a ROW! woohoo. I hadn't bowled in like 5 years either. hehe. this league will be fun. My arm hurts from trying different size balls though. If I plan on doing this long term I might just buy a ball meant for me, like Tristia has. and some cute skater/bowling shoes. We will see. I am on the league for at least 8 months, so it might be to my advantage. eh.
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