September 18th, 2005

tea time

LONG day ahead

about to go to the YWCA to catch up on some of our catering stuff. we have like 3 orders tomorrow. ugh. Then we have the TGMI Board Meeting 1-5pm and then Bowling tonight at 6-9pm. i will do homework here someplace. Yesterday I basically scrapbooked. I worked a lot of my moms book and bought a new one for myself. Mine is already full so I am going to start the new one with 2005 and on. So yea. I love our new printer/scanner. It really kicks ass and the photos are coming out PERFECT.
I had this dream that I was in Pakistan with some people from my past. There was fighting and we Americans were supposed to evacuate but we couldn't so we all went to the tallest building in the country. It was cylinder shaped and like 200 floors high. Of course, we all went as high as possible and the damn building fell over. (only in a dream, right) So, everyone is damaged and confused b/c we just fell a million feet. Now we were looking for safety and food. I kept running into people and trying to help them. We ended up in a train like thing on the water. So, we had some water but we were cramped into these close quarters. There was no safe drinking water so we just drank the water from the lake/ocean/sea that we were on. People were fighting for every little thing. It was such a strange thing.
I also dreamed TWICE that tristia was patrick and so i was talking to her like she was him. and then I realized it wasn't patrick and I was like WTF. LOL. She thinks I am crazy. I kept reminding her of all the things we needed to do today for catering and all the monday orders. ugh. i hate talking in my sleep. hehe. off to worky.