September 19th, 2005

tea time


I just want this day to be over. I knew it was gonna be a long one but I sure as hell wasn't prepared for it. I come to work, clean the kitchen so that I can cook in it. I make my stuff I had planned for today. P comes in, does his thing, helps set breakfast for CR and then leaves for a meeting. He doesn't make it to the meeting because he is sick. This means I will be working all the stuff today because he isn't coming back. Did I mention 3 catering orders and I don't know what the fuck I am doing. After some initial PISSED OFF ranting I got to work. I was still doing cafe' things so I had to speed along to put lunch in the oven and get a brunch order ready. I did that stuff and now I am trying to organize all the stuff for the order we have this afternoon at 4:45. It wouldn't even be that bad if I didn't have class. SO, I am leaving in ONE HOUR and I have to have shit prepared for Ellen to deliver. I feel so flustered and I hate feeling that way. I just have to trust that the employees here can do the things I need them to do in order to pull this order off well. I don't really like having a lot of shit thrown at me like this. I don't deal well with emergency situations of this caliber. Especially when I am not well versed at all in catering, presentation, and the like. Hoping that Ellen does a super great job presenting everything. We have a order for 120 folks for these same people on Friday. We can't screw this up. FUCK! back to work. Sysco is here.. because I have time to put up the fuckin stock order, right?
tea time

Guten Abend!

so, just when I was thinking about telling this job to shove it..
Capricorn: There's a lot to think about right now. An offer to rent or buy a larger home might be out of your immediate budget parameters, but it's opportunities like this that allow you to grow. That goes double for work challenges that you're convinced you're not ready for. Hogwash! If you weren't ready for it, you wouldn't be given the chance. Run some numbers, call in some favors, and you'll be pleasantly surprised that you can actually make it all work.

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