September 26th, 2005

tea time

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1. Seven things I plan to do before I die

* Have Children
* Have a job I love
* be legally married
* move back to the country and live there for at least 5 years
* get a Ph.D
* Go to California
* reconcile with my sister

2. Seven things I can do

* talk fast
* cook well
* be a friend
* scrapbook
* teach people
* love people
* dance in the rain

3. Seven things I can't do

* make myself study more often
* go to sleep as soon as i lay down
* wake up in a talking mood
* speak german - yet
* cry in front of people
* be in the same room as my sister w/o wanting to hit her
* Listen when people are talking about boring stuff

4. Seven things that attract me to those I'm attracted to

* Someone who has a cocky attitude/self assured
* hands/arms
* willingness to learn new things with/from me
* someone who can teach me new things
* Someone who can be silly and serious
* the way the person dresses
* Someone i can talk to and who shares their feelings with me

5. Seven things I say most.

* 'that's dumb'
* 'I didn't do it'
* 'not'
* "I love u"
* 'I'm tired'
* 'I'm not in the mood'
* 'How are you today'

6. Seven celebrity crushes:

* Tom Follary
* Drew Barrymore
* Christina Ricci
* Kirsten Dunst
* Johnny Depp
* Ewan McGregor
* Leonardo DiCaprio (LOL)
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