October 2nd, 2005

tea time


went to the bar last night and had a kickass time. It was good for me and Tris to get out. however, she is sick and tried to call into work but her damn manager wasn't returning her pages so she actually went into work. poor thing. She is really tired from all this work shit. ugh.
I started LDIR yesterday and I think it will be a really good experience for me and the people there. I also participated in the AIDS WALK. that was good. They did a tribute to R and it was sad everyone was crying. We really lost a great man. But our mission will go on.
We also exhanged furniture. I gave my aunt our green couch and we got her grandmothers couch and chair. Now the apartment looks really fucked up lol. all sorts of different furniture. We also got a huge ass TV. So, I think we are going to put our living room TV in the bedroom and give her brother the TV in our bedroom. lovely trading of stuff.
i feel really exhausted.i got like 4.5 hours of sleep. blah. today WILL be a lazy fucking day.
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    Alix Olsen: Unsteady Things