October 5th, 2005

tea time

full day ahead

Friends acting detached are searching for their place in life. Give them space. The solution came to you last night while you lay there worrying, as opposed to sleeping. Get past that stumbling block and you'll prove -- to yourself -- you can get to where you want to be.

I have a full day..
10am - leave work
11am - student gov't board meeting
1 pm - German
3 pm - Sociology
4:30 pm - meeting with Kim
6 pm - Keyboarding
8pm - come home and pass the fuck out
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tea time


today was a day. i am SO tired. I already took a lil nap earlier. i was supposed to go to the dr with tristia so i didnt go to keyboarding.. i fell asleep and then she just didnt go. so grr. but i bought some cute shirts that are gonna make me look like a preppy lesbian. I am excited. I am going through one of those times when i change how i dress. and its HOT. It's about time for beddy bye so i will post something good tomorrow probably after movie night. my house.. we are showing DEBS. come if you dare. 6pm