October 7th, 2005

tea time

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movie night kicked ass. I was really happy that so many folks came over. I really like Anthony! he is some hot shit. (blushes) and he is good to talk to. He kept calling me just to be silly and that made me smile. The first thing I said when I saw him was 'you're hot'. How bad am I? heh. I am glad that K came, too. I know she needs to get out and find herself a community of people who accept her. I think she is gonna be a big lesbian. She said so herself but her current hetero life is holding her back.Poor thing.
work was okay. we got a new register a few days ago so it keeps screwing up and deleting all of the data when we switch shifts. HOW STUPID. hoping that we figure it out SOON.
OH! don't forget that tonight is the RETURN OF TOM show. lol. I am SO FUCKING EXCITED. I love me some manly people. see you all later. gotta go to student gov't/.
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