October 14th, 2005

tea time

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is anyone else having things be underlined and linked when you didn't do it? I noticed that on several webpages now, certain words/phrases are underlined and have advertisement links with them. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!!!!! i don't like it. tris and i both got our haircuts and we forgot to pay the lady and it was funny. i called and was like, we will be back, totally forgot. so then she gave us a discount for coming back. how nice! maybe i will let her cut my hairs more often. Out of 27 applicants only 7 of us were chosen for interviews. WOAH! The persons who don't get the job are going to be asked to do something though. She wants to keep us involved in the process. So, maybe that would be fun times. tris has today off and i think she is gonna spend times with her moms. how nice. then she is going to the bar all weekend since i'll be away. watch out, cute girl on the loose.
off to work, then CLEF, then packing for LDIR retreat. WOOHOO.
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tea time

Baha'i Center

we are here and its nice. i am rooming with someone that i like so thats exciting just so long as she shows up.. or i will find someone else and sneak into their room. its really nice with a fun play ground. wasted 2 hrs because they didnt have anything for us to do. why did they tell us to be here so early? good question. maybe i will ask. dinner soon. see everyone when i get back. no phone so i cant talk til sunday. peace