November 18th, 2005

tea time

harry potter and me being a loser

in like 2 hours we will be watching harry potter goblet of fire. the book wasnt as great as book 3 but it will do. i can only hope that the movie will kick ass too. eh. i dont usually get my hopes up. but its a night out with the homies.
I resigned from LDIR today. Yes, folks, you read that right. I am no longer involved with the LDIR program. With everything (school, work) i dont have the time to dedicate to the homework and meeting sessions. School work falls behind because I'm not doing it on weekends b/c i am so entranced in ldir stuff. grr. and ldir falls behind b/c i try to catch up on school stuff and work things. i am really sad b/c i know i have learned alot and that i have offered a lot of myself to the group. maybe i could do it next year when i am not in school. i have NO idea. grr.
tomorrow is Transgender Monologues. I chickened out on reading my monologue because I got scared and felt that I was 'outing' myself in a way that I am not ready. pathetic, i know. i just cant do it and i feel like a shithead. hrrm.
long ass CLEF meeting and an even longer student government meeting.
rest before movie.