November 20th, 2005

tea time


we are going to the CASINO. yea, we are only taking at most $50 but what the hell. it will be a great way to spend a Sunday with Tristia. We both woke up at like 6am and couldnt go back to sleep so we decided to just hit the road.
Last night was good. The monologues were really moving all teary and shit. It was really great times. Tris and i worked things out and p came and showed us his NEW tattoo which is of this really cool buddha man. I really like it because it just seems so PEACEFUL and serene. so yea, its neat. i want a tattoo one day.
Ok, off to hit the road and make some MONEY!
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tea time


took $50 and won $71. I think we did pretty good. then, we spent the majority of our winnings in Frankenmuth. We had a lot of fun today. I shopped for my mom and Andy so it was good times. I even found a nice little present for my fave teacher. (suck up? yea, i am) now i have to finish a take home test and do 2 papers. good thing they dont have to be long papers. that would really SUCK some balls.. or labia. Tristia is playing her silly game. off to homework land now folks. yay for a good day. hopefully bowling will be just as exciting.. even tho A wont be there. I am glad to hear that he is safe and settled in his new HOME. that is so great.
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