November 21st, 2005

tea time

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this is going to be a long week. Today i have class and then 2 panels til 9pm. grrs. then tomorrow i work, then GSA, then make up bowling (didnt go lastnight b/c i had to finish homework), then scrapbooking. Wednesday I have work and then class and then work some more. Thursday holiday woohoo. Friday shopping shopping. Saturday gonna take Ryan and Gary shopping I think if I have time before I have to make dinner. This day is also the Queer Thanksgiving. Last chance to reserve a spot. Sunday SLEEPING IN. then bowling. woot.
Work was okay today except M didnt come in AGAIN. bullshit. She called Sara and asked her to cover for her but sara didnt get the message til I had already called her in this morning. that is fucked. I dont like it at all. i came home, threw clothes in the wash, took a shower, and am wasting some time before school. grr. i'm really sleepy. maybe i could nap. i wont get my hopes up.
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