November 27th, 2005

tea time

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Yesterday was good. lots of people came, we had great food. great times. good conversation. everything was nice. a lot of folks left early but that was okay. I stayed up chillin with Sara, Jaime, Tom, and Brian. It was nice, I think. I felt really weird last night and that makes me sad. I really wanted to be in a better more UP sort of mood. Went to bed at about 2ish and got up at like 8. I feel like BLAH. I wish I could quit bowling.I really dont have the motivation. OMG, my life is getting crazy. Today tristia and i are putting a Christmas tree up which is SO woah. I like decorating and stuff. Cute times ahead. Sara and I are being bums today just laying around. its really nice.
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tea time


sometimes quitting is a good thing. never fight a losing battle. :)
Love you all.
Thanks Kyle you make me smile!
Oh, TJ, sorry about the cats. We heart you anyway.
tea time

happy Monday.. maybe

Today. today. hrrm. what to say about today. It has been a day. Started off okay, got a little crazy, now it's totally okay again. Sara is sick so she couldn't work today. Luckily, Tristia was off work so she came in to cover for Sara until Marshay came in. YEEHAW. I made all the catering food that I needed and still had time for goodies for the cafe'. Now i am in the process of making this German beverage b/c today is german food day in class. wooh. I forgot what I was supposed to bring so yea, I hope I get it all together. Class and then Tristia time. YAY. We HAVE to get the tree up today. We didn't end up having time yesterday before bowling. Speaking of bowling, next week we bowl 6 games instead of 3. I really hope we don't play any slow teams. That would be really sucky and we'd be there until like 11pm. I am already fearing us being there that late.
there is this girl that likes tristia and it makes me really nervous. Strange, at first I was like she is just flirting around or whatever. that is not the case. after seein some correspondence i believe she is starting to think that there is something that tristia can offer her. I hate to be the one to say this, but NO, tristia has nothing but friendship to offer this girl. I talked to tristia and was reassured that she loves me and that she also feels that this person is starting to like her. She is just so easy to fall in love with. I totally understand why this girl would want her. I mean look at her, DAMN, hot stuff, funny, intelligent, and good in bed.. hrrm. gotta go.
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